What is Yard ?

What is yard

Understanding a cubic yard with kraken crushed concrete

A cubic yard is more than just a unit of measurement; it’s the key to unlocking the volume of potential in your construction project. Please note that all measurements are approximate, and visual aids are intended for estimation purposes only.

A Cubic Yard is About:
4 1/2 Contractor Size (6 cu. ft.) Wheelbarrows:
  • Visualize the convenience of a contractor-sized wheelbarrow filled with material. Multiply that by 4.5, and you have a cubic yard ready for your project.
13 1/2 Standard Size (2 cu. ft.) Bags of Mulch:
  • Imagine the standard bags you might use for smaller projects. Now picture 13.5 of them, neatly stacked – that’s the equivalent of a cubic yard of mulch.
54 Standard Bags (.5 cu. ft.) of Sand, Stone, or Soil:
  • For those larger projects requiring more substantial materials, envision 54 standard bags, each measuring 0.5 cubic feet. That’s the volume encapsulated in a single cubic yard.
One Full Bucket of Our Loader (27 cu. ft.):
  • Picture a hefty loader bucket filled to the brim. When that bucket is packed with material, it represents 27 cubic feet – a fundamental component of a cubic yard.
When Spread:
  • A cubic yard covers approximately a 10′ x 14′ (140 sq. ft.) area at 2 inches deep or a 10′ x 10′ (100 sq. ft.) area at 3 inches deep. Understanding the spread is crucial for gauging coverage in your project.
What is yard

When It’s Delivered

One yard
Consider what a single yard entails when delivered – a fundamental unit of material ready to transform your project.
Five yard
Visualize the impact of five yards – a substantial delivery that holds the potential to shape and complete your construction vision.
Ten yard

For more extensive projects, ten yards of material delivered is akin to unlocking a vast reservoir of resources for your construction needs.

**Please note that this is an approximation. Pile size and shape will vary depending on the product and delivery truck.


  • Our well-trained staff ensures accurate deliveries. Every order is meticulously processed by our Dispatcher, Delivery Driver, and Loader Operator.
  • Regularly inspected scales and loader buckets meeting manufacturer specifications ensure precise measurements for your materials.
  • Our yards are open to the public. Customers are always invited to witness the loading process and verify their delivery.
  • With over 75 years of experience and millions of cubic yards delivered, our trusted reputation is built on the dedication of our loyal staff, transparent practices, and a commitment to service and quality that stands the test of time. Trust Dino-Mite Crushing for accurate, reliable, and quality deliveries for all your construction material needs.