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Material Prices

21AA Crushed Concrete / MDOT/ Wayne County Spec. 15 Ton or Less $12.00/Ton
16 Ton or more $11.00/Ton
1” x 3” Crushed Concrete $15.50 /Ton
21AA Asphalt Millings $6.45/Ton
1” x 3” Asphalt$8.50/Ton
Concrete Sand $10.50/Ton
Dump Fee (Washout/VacTruck/Bore Mud) Min $100.00$25.50/Ton
Dump Fee Asphalt – Min $50.00 (no charge at Chubb Rd)$15.50/Ton
Dump Fee Clean Dirt – Min $60.00 – PER LOAD8 Tons or Less $14.50/Ton
9 – 18 Tons $13.50/Ton
19 – 30 Tons $12.50/Ton
31 – 50 Tons $11.50/Ton
Dump Fee Brick, Block, Stone – Min. $100.00
Pickup truck up only 3.5 Ton or Less $50.00
Dump Fee Construction Debris (Dirt Mixed w/Wood, Pipe) – Min $100.00$21.00/Ton
Concrete Pipe$30.00 per piece
Concrete Structures $110.00 per piece
Pricing Subject to Fuel Surcharge$0.35/Ton

** Prices are subject to change

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    Our services

    Various Construction Materials for Pickup

    Choose from a wide range of construction materials available for pickup. From aggregates to topsoil, we've got the supplies you need for a successful project.

    Dump Site for Multiple Materials

    Our dumping site is ready to receive concrete, asphalt, dirt, construction debris, and more. Dispose responsibly with Kraken Crushed Concrete.

    Mobile On-Site Crushing

    Experience the convenience of mobile on-site crushing tailored to your desired specifications. We bring the crushing operation to you, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    Construction Equipment Rental

    Enhance your project capabilities with our construction equipment available for rent. From excavators to loaders, Kraken Crushed Concrete has the tools you need to get the job done.

    Water Trucks and Sweepers for Rent

    Keep your construction site clean and efficient with our water trucks and sweepers available for rent. Dust control and debris management made easy.

    Concrete and Asphalt Recycling

    Join us in our commitment to sustainability through concrete and asphalt recycling. Reduce your environmental footprint while contributing to the circular economy.

    About us

    Kraken Crushed Concrete stands as the premier destination for a wide array of construction materials, proudly offering recycling services for concrete, asphalt, dirt, topsoil, and more. Our mobile, on-site crushing services ensure precise specifications tailored to your project requirements.

    In addition to our recycling capabilities, we provide a convenient dumping site for broken concrete, asphalt, dirt, brick, and construction debris. As part of our commitment to seamless service, we offer transportation solutions and can arrange pick-ups if needed.

    For added convenience, Kraken Crushed Concrete offers a comprehensive range of construction equipment, including sweeping units and water trucks, available for rent. Trust us as your trusted partner for all your construction material needs and equipment requirements.

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